Alison Safford
artist statement
I see my art as a way of revealing complexities. I create work intended to hit a viewer on both a cerebral and a sensorial level. My work is somber yet addresses the absurdity of a situation. This duality reveals that which is known on a gut level, challenging assumptions in the process. The body and its functions are both attractive and repulsive, absence isn’t empty, making is deconstructing, and deconstructing is healing.

I often consider that my interest in sculpture and installation comes from playing with dollhouses when I was younger. It wasn’t the dolls that interested me, it was the arranging and rearranging the spaces until I was momentarily satisfied, helping me to make sense of the world and arrange ideas physically and in my thoughts. My need to arrange and rearrange my art until it is “just right”, relates to my need to fix, heal, or understand.

My concepts encompass attempting to bear the unbearable: being oversaturated by current events, the redundancy of doing simple things that turn out to be not so simple, the frightening realization of the body’s fragility, and the sadness of an unmet longing. They address the absence of the body, and the presence of longing, the attractiveness of the material, and the repulsion the forms or idea
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