Alison Safford
Futility ToyFutility ToyFutility ToyFutility ToyFutility Toy
Futility Toy
Futility Toy consists of 12 wheels with handles. The handles are attached to mechanisms on the wall which move up and down, which in turn move the wheels back and forth. The wheels move to and fro in plaster troughs resting on the floor. While they move at the same pace, they are not perfectly aligned, so that when one wheel is moving forward, another might be moving back.

In my work, the focus is on the act of looking or traveling rather than arriving at or seeking another locale. I am interested in the “in-between” space, where connections and discoveries happen. I use repetition of objects or actions in Sisyphus-like manner, where the repetition is the focus, there is no obtainable goal. For example, in Futility Toy, the action is pure repetition, with no beginning or ending.