Alison Safford
Scan was created for Windows Art Project, in Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Statement for Scan:
When I was younger, I repeatedly had a dream where my eyes followed lines of text, but couldn't bring the words into focus. The strongest elements of the dream were the motion of my eyes, combined with the words being unperceivable. The fish and water act as representations of the action of my eyes and the attempts to read/perceive. I have been interested in the ways the body (including the mind) filters and comprehends information . . . how we learn. I see the body as a funnel with the eyes, ear, nose, skin, and mouth as the mouth of the funnel (receiving information) and the understanding of our surroundings as the final product. The messages taken in from the "funnels" can change in transit, or be completely blockaded. The tricks the mind and body can play, and how our physiology can modify information, can deeply change our understanding of our world.